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God Of The Immeasurably More

I was believing God for a job role closer to home due to a lengthy commute impacting my work-life balance. I was invited to interview for an excellent role 15minutes from home. I was intimidated by the salary and experience required but I trusted God for wisdom.  I was led to study legislation which I wasn’t familiar with which ended up being exactly what I needed for the final interview questions.  God also instructed me to walk around the office building 7 times in prayer the day before the interview. As I walked around praying, I could see myself walking into the building and places I could walk to on my lunch break.

A few days later I was notified that I was one of the top candidates and was selected for the role.


Jesus Still Heals

“I have been suffering from both liver cancer and hepatitis C for a long time. It would have been fatal had it not been for the power of prayer and God in my life. Every day I have been relying on Him to help me through the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I have been praying for healing and praise God in September 2012 I received His answer. On the very same day, I was told during a hospital visit that both conditions had completely gone. I am so grateful for what God has done for me. No words can ever express my feelings. May His name be forever praised.”


Angel on Assignment

As I went home from lectures, I sat in the middle seat at the back of the bus reading a book on prayer and meditating on scriptures.

I was believing God for breakthroughs in my life and that of my family. I had sought the face of God during a three day prayer and fast to deal with this.

Suddenly on the bus, a man in brown suit, brown cap and a seemingly heavy briefcase came on board. I noticed he was looking at my face and headed towards me and sat just across where I sat. He said to me that he liked the book I was reading and I quickly mumbled ‘thank you’ and continued what I was doing. I was in no mood for chatting. Then he said to me that he had been to Ghana twice the previous month and that he had been travelling all over the world. He also asked for the name of my church and my Pastor’s name to which I answered. Then he said to me that he knew my church and had heard about my Pastor too. Then he said to me, ‘I hear a three day fast and the Lord will come through for you, and your family issues too, God will come through for you, just hold on to your faith and be strong’. As he said these words, I was jolted back. Who was this man who was telling me about my exact situation? Just when I wanted to know who he was, he rushed out of the bus only saying, ‘ok, see you’. It took me a while to be able to grasp the importance of what had happened.

Beloved in the Lord, God knows your name; He knows your every need even before you ask. He said He will never leave you nor forsake you. HOLD ON TO YOUR FAITH, BE STRONG; THE LORD WILL COME THROUGH FOR YOU!!!”


It’s All About God’s Favour

“I was meant to graduate in the month of July 2012, but I had a full time engineering internship and I wasn’t able to fully focus on my end of year project so I ended up failing. Whilst everyone was graduating I was redoing my dissertation, I finally re- submitted it, and got my degree in September. My friends who graduated with higher grades than I barely had any interviews.

By the end of October I had been on my third interview and had secured a job even though there were 8 other candidates for the position who were more qualified than I was, the manager said there was something about me that he liked but didn’t know what it was.

I had also been driving illegally for 8 months, the Lord warned me to stop driving and to go and take my driving test. I stopped for a few months and then decided to drive again, the first day I went out and drove is the same day I was pulled over by the police and they took my car away. In November I took my driving test, I asked God to send me an angel from heaven and He indeed did! I had the best test examiner who was calm, nice, and patient with me. He even helped me on one of my manoeuvres. I give God all the glory and praise. There’s nothing more I can do show my gratitude but to testify of His goodness.”


Sowing The Seeds For Success

“I sowed a seed (over and above my normal tithe and offering) into a minister’s life. I was believing God for increased business opportunities and the minister prayed concerning this. Two days later, I received 3 jobs that earned about 20 times the value of my seed, and they have not stopped since! Glory be to God most high.”

Peter Kihara

God IS A Healer

“A few weeks ago, I went to my doctors for some blood tests. A week later, I received a letter from them asking me to contact them urgently for further tests. I instantly knew that they had found something and I was greatly disturbed. I contacted them as requested and they said that my blood sugar level was very high and that there were chances I had diabetes. They said they needed to do a confirmatory test and also to determine what type it was.

Initially I was devastated, I prayed and rejected the doctors’ report. My cell leader also rejected it in Jesus’ name and during our cell meeting all the cell members were asked to lay hands on me and they prayed that God would intervene and do His miracle and change the medical report. I felt a breakthrough after the prayers.

I did not hear anything from the doctors regarding the test results, I felt it in my spirit that I had a miracle but I needed to substantiate my testimony. Two weeks later, I decided to call them and ask for the test results. Praise be to God, our chief medical director! I was told the results showed that my blood sugar level had returned to normal and that further tests found no trace of diabetes. I do not have any symptoms of diabetes in my body. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in my sight!”

Joy Alo

The Lord Knows I Need A Flat

“I have been believing God for a flat for many months. I saw some which I liked but the price was more than I could afford. When it all seemed over, God came through for me. Not only did He give me a fabulous place which is bigger and better than all the places I’d previously seen but also I’m paying the rent at a discount with no deposit!”

Norbert Asiedu

He Crowned My Efforts With Success!

“Juggling a full time job with great responsibility, a family and a full-time postgraduate program seemed like a good idea till I got started. As I walked to College on bitterly cold nights after an exhausting day at work, I sometimes wondered what on earth I had let myself in for. Most nights found me hard at work on my laptop deep into the early hours despite the fact that I had to put in a full day’s work the following day, indeed in the next few hours.

Final exam time came and I simply wasn’t sure I had put in enough, but I literally didn’t have any more time to do so. Time to pray and hand everything over to God. Imagine my shock when the results were released and I had not only passed but made a distinction! I know for certain that this was God crowning my efforts with success. I am forever grateful for His mercy and everlasting love. Indeed He delights in the prosperity of His servants!”

Favour Opened The Door

“I’d like to give thanks to the Lord for His hand of favour on our 10 year old daughter who gained admission to her first choice of secondary school – Nicholas Breakspear in St Albans.

Even though we’re not Catholic, after attending the school open day in October last year we were impressed with their high standards and culture of excellence and selected it as our first choice.

God says ‘I will make a way where there seems to be no way and cause rivers to flow in the desert..’. When the admission results came out our daughter Rumbi was offered a place in her first choice school. Many children do not get offers for any of their top three choices and Nicholas Breakspear is a very popular school. God truly is amazing; He does the impossible with the improbable for those who put their trust in Him. To Him be all the glory (Amen)”

Temi E

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